WoodLed is a company that makes handmade wooden LED lamps. Our lamps are not just any kind of lamps but also design elements in interior decoration. We mostly use wood pulp and we try to maintain its original shape and look. Our lampshades are made of birch, which we choose very carefully so as it would be of good quality and nice-looking. For some lampshades we have also used black alder and ash tree. All of our products are processed with wood protection (against mold and rotting). Final touch is added by covering them with varnish to save the nice color and texture of the wood.

Our products fit into a classical loghouse, Art Nouveau or modern style interior. They are primarily made for people, who value originality, closeness to nature and handicraft. Our lamps are very energy-efficient and contemporary as we only use LED lights in our lamps.
Why do we only use LED lights? The advantage of LED lights is low energy cost and a long lifetime (25000-50000 hours or about 15-20 years). This is why LED lights cost more than energy saving bulbs. LED’s can also withstand switching them on and off quite well. They light up fast and achieve their brightness immediately. Energy saving bulbs, however, should be on for at least 15 minutes so as to achieve the saving effect and spare the bulb’s lifetime. We use LED bulbs that only use 2-10 W, while the best energy saving bulbs use 2-10 W at the same time and turn hot which you do not have to fear with LED bulbs (this is very important when using wooden lampshades).

Special orders: overview of what has been done and what could be done
When ordering our products, you should remember that their looks are very close to nature. They have been processed minimally and they have unique shapes and colors (the appearance of the birch bark may vary). The available measurements (diameter, height etc) are given along with the other information about our products.

We would also like you to notice that our products are not made out of laminated wood. This means that the wood lives on its own life and it may react to temperatures and humidity.  That is why you can only use them inside at room temperature and not in humid rooms. The products have cracks characteristic to them, which are natural and tone the naturality of the product.

WoodLed products cannot be found in supermarkets. They are unique handcrafts. They are not meant for just anyone though. If you buy our product for yourself or someone else, you can be sure that no-one has exactly the same product. We do not color or plane them to look exactly alike. Every product has their unique color and beauty given by the nature. In Estonia, all of our products are transported by OSC Transport for free. To transport our products abroad we use  DHL or Omniva and charge according to their prices.